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Name:Teen Wolf Operation Positivity
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Community description:Spread love, not hate
What is Operation Positivity?

Operation Positivity (OP) is a movement within the Teen Wolf fandom put forth to give fans a way to focus their love and creative energies into positive actions. It began with a couple of fans who wanted to improve their own spaces and dashboards, and spread from there. The Teen Wolf fandom has the capability to be a wonderful, positive place; Operation Positivity is here to support and showcase this.

How will Operation Positivity be working toward this goal?

Right now we are still in the planning stages. We have a few ideas about the ways that people can help us work toward the goal of bringing light, hope, and positive vibes to the fandom as a whole.

We are working for sure on creating a schedule of character and pairing appreciation weeks. These weeks will focus on a character, a group of characters, or a pairing in the fandom, and for that week we will ask the Teen Wolf fandom to work toward creating positive things centered around a given week’s focus. We have seen many people begin these weeks at random, and of course we won’t discourage anyone who wants to host a week out of synch with our schedule.

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